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Welcome to FNI’s tips and tricks section of our training videos. Today we’re going to talk about changing a logo within the system. This is of course useful if you have a change of ownership or maybe you’re just updating branding on your web pages. Let’s go ahead and open up the system and go straight to Touchpoint.

Included with Blueprint Touchpoint is an integrated tool that allows our customers to build web forms and modify the portal experience for their applicants. You can see here that we are going straight to the admin page and then we’re opening up the consumer application.

Now this brings up the design editor. As you can see the design editor is a drag and drop UI where you can create the form. Select “field” from the system and drag them over onto the page. There are section headers, groups, fields all available here. If we hit the preview button we can see how the web form renders.

Let’s go ahead and change the logo. Back in the editor we can select the logo which we see here. The red x on the object removes it. Now we can go and add images. Here we select an auto logo. Now we can preview the form with the new logo centered on the top. If we want to
resize it, move it around, those options are available.

All of the web forms and all of the sections and fields on those forms can
be edited in this way. Allowing our customers to fully customize their end users experience. Thank you for taking the time to learn a bit more about how to change a logo with Blueprint.
We continue to work hard to make using the FNI LOS as user friendly as possible.

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