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Thank you for your interest in FNI’s tips and tricks series of videos. Today we’re going to show how to add a field onto a web form. Our web forms are used to communicate with applicants or dealers–people involved in the loan process that might be outside of your organization.

As you can see, I am in Blueprint. I will open up the touchpoint functionality editor and open up an application form. As we preview this form we can see what type of information we are asking our applicant to fill in. We have decided for this example that we’d like to see mother’s maiden name added to the form. Let’s go look at available fields. Here I can search for mother and we can see available fields pop up and I can select mother’s maiden name.

Now I need to place it onto the form. This is a two-step process. First I need to create a place
on the form to insert the field. Let’s add another row. Now I can select the field and place it on the row. Adding columns is exactly the same process. Step one is to insert a column onto the form. Step two: grab what we want to put into that column.

Editing all of our customer or dealer facing forms is as simple as drag and drop. This allows you to optimize your customers’ experience.

Thank you again for your interest in Blueprint and lending automation. Keep watching for additional topics from your friends at FNI.

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