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FNI Blueprint™ LOS Capabilities

Stand-Up Your Powerful New Lending Tool with Industry Leading Speed to Market

Instant Decisioning with FNI Decisioncore™

FNI DecisionCore is your robust and capable decisioning platform. With flexibility at the core, this tool is the perfect engine for supporting your workflow or making adjustments, in no time flat.

Industry-Focused Integrations

Take advantage of the efficiency of our library of pre-integrated tools, or make it yours with any integration we can get our hands on. Let’s talk about your specific integration requirements.

Enhanced Fraud Mitigation & Security

Utilizing our tested security infrastructure, paired with fraud protective third party tools makes retail loan origination run smoothly and safely, through all stages of your workflow.

Audit and Compliance Support

The FNI Blueprint™ loan origination platform and our team of security experts has seen audit and compliance requirements large and small. With industry-standard security compliance certifications, let’s work together to make sure your platform is prepared.

Automation & Flexibility

Adopt a lending tool that all members of your team can use with little integration time. This flexible loan origination platform is built to maintain or adapt at the drop of the time, along with your strategy.

Content Management

Make the application process your own. With the ability to manage messaging, promotional pushes, and every communication aspect, marketing and lending has never felt so connected.

Testing: Champion Challenger & More

Utilize a real-world testing environment to ideate new data-backed qualification and lending strategies. Once you’re sure, just a few clicks and your new workflow is live on all platforms. It’s that simple.

Guided Implementation & Support

From strategizing to hand-holding: the solid tech behind the FNI lending product suite is built and maintained by a hard-working and accessible team that guides new platform implementations and supports your lending experience for years to come.

Empower Your Lending Team with an Easy-to-Use Retail Loan Origination Tool

We believe that loan origination software should act as an extension of the lending team, ensuring that accurate information is being used in order to make the right credit decision, and provide a pleasant borrower experience. Accurate and fast credit decisions have a direct correlation to an increase in retail sales, and the FNI Retail Blueprint loan origination software platform does exactly that. Accompanied with a robust set of retail-specific features, behind a clean, easy-to-use, interface, makes for a streamlined process in every credit decision.

Not seeing a specific integration you’re looking for? We’re API experts.

The lending tech team at FNI has experience integrating with third-party and proprietary data sources.

A Committed Partnership that Goes Far Beyond Implementation

Lending and technology are ingrained in the professional lives of our dedicated team. Many of the FNI team members have direct experience on the lender-side of retail financing and are able to extend decades of experience and insight when it comes to credit decisions and platform evolution. Our team continues to act as a partner with your organizations once the platform is up and running. This applies to ensuring that the FNI Blueprint loan origination software platform is continuing to operate efficiently and accurately, but also in providing consultation to our retail customers. We believe that our platform and dedicated team combine to be a true partner for retail lenders.

Retail Loan Software Experts

Our Leadership Perspective

When you look at the background of the team, it pairs perfectly with the technology and industries we serve. We are a lending-focused extension of your IT group with guidance, problem solving—not only reactive, but proactive.

Ray B.

Credit Implementation, FNI


Frequent Questions

Looking for More Loan Origination Software Answers?

What integrations are built into the loan origination platform?

Have an internal data source for customer purchase information? Loyalty program? Maybe your decisioning rules prioritize long-term customers? We can integrate with any data source that has an access point to securely tap into, and API, and/or with direct IT collaboration. On top of this, the retail loan origination platform has dozens of inherent third-party data sources built in, making for a robust and efficient implementation process.

How long does it take to onboard a new loan origination software platform?

We strive for a 90 day launch schedule, but this can vary based on the number of internal integrations and other requirements that you may have in place. If you have specific time requirements, let’s talk soon so that we can help put together a timeline that sets you up for a successful and worry-free guided process.

How much does my loan origination software platform cost?

After an initial implementation investment, our lending partners benefit from pricing that matches volume of applications. That way, value and cost are balanced and the platform can grow along with your business. Busy season for retail? Costs will match that. Slower months? Costs will match that.