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Credit Union Origination Software Features

Stand-Up Your Lending Tool with Industry Leading Speed to Market

Instant Decisioning with FNI Decisioncore™

Speed is key. With credit union loan origination software from FNI, you can skip the small talk and get a credit decision in just seconds.

Lender-Focused Strategy Engine

In addition to speed, our proprietary strategy engine can provide efficient and accurate decisions during the credit union loan origination process.

Platform Configurability

Configure the many standard and user-friendly features of our base platform to create the loan origination experience you need.

User-Friendly Interface

FNI Blueprint™ L.O.S. offers a well-designed and intuitive software user interface that makes decisioning as simple as possible.

Enhanced Fraud Protection

Lending can be risky. Leverage next generation fraud protection technology to make lending safer.

Content Management System

Your process, look and feel is unique to you. Experience complete flexibility in messaging and branding.

Process Flexibility

Your new loan origination platform comes ready to fit within your defined decisions process, and to grow along with you.

Notifications & Alerts

Conveniently receive quick alerts and notifications regarding relevant loan and credit application statuses directly to your inbox.

FNI Blueprint™ Credit Union Loan Origination Software

You LOS Platform Can Improve Virtually Every Process in Your Credit Union

Loan origination software can help you grow your clientele by improving your approval and decisioning processes. With lightning-fast credit decisions and automation software that takes the burden of underwriting off of your workforce’s hands, you can focus on providing the best possible customer service.

Not seeing a specific integration you’re looking for? We’re API experts.

The lending tech team at FNI has experience integrating with third-party and proprietary data sources.

Streamlining with Loan Orchestration

Does Your Credit Union Struggle with these Challenges?

Old, obsolete legacy systems that make workflows much more of a pain? Reduced productivity and efficiency due to “human” processes and errors? Lost revenue and profits due to poor loan servicing processes?

Our loan origination software provides credit unions with the tools they need to automate and improve their internal processes, procedures, and longevity. Our clients are able to finally solve common lending and business issues with state of the art solutions that our platform provides.

Are you ready to start using loan origination software for your credit union? Get in touch with our team today to learn more about how we can implement loan origination software into your business today!

Frequent Questions

Looking for More Loan Origination Software Answers?

What is the process to get started with FNI Blueprint L.O.S.?

It's time to take your lending process to the next level by integrating software that can transform it from sufficient to outstanding. If you’re interested in FNI’s loan origination software, it’s easy to get started. Simply schedule a product tour or call 314-400-9430 and talk to a lending tech expert. We look forward to the opportunity to integrate loan origination software into your company.

How does the Blueprint platform benefit my existing process?

New student lenders arrive on an already saturated market every day. By providing the tools to establish a fully digital, user-friendly application process that keeps both lenders and student applicants in the loop consistently, loan origination software allows businesses to surge ahead of the competition rather than staying in stride.

As the market evolves, it's time to adjust the way lending companies operate. Technology solutions allow lenders to thrive while better assisting their customers and innovating the way they do business.