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FNI Blueprint™ LOS Capabilities

A Robust and Capable Existing Toolkit as the Platform for Enterprise Banking-Specific Requirements

Instant Credit Decisioning

FNI DecisionCore™ is our most capable credit decision engine in over 30 years of lending-tech. Lenders of all sizes see decisions in seconds, intuitive testing, and high-end security all in one place.

Single Stop for All Integrations

Have an extensive list of internal and external tools needed to satisfy all departments surrounding your lending process? Any platform with API access can be integrated on top of the already existing FNI Enterprise Blueprint Integrations.

Inclusive Content Management

Marketing and loan origination integrate more seamlessly than ever. Run lending promotions, communicate new messaging, and simple walk borrowers through the process with simply updatable workflow content.

Direct Borrower Messaging

Whether your lending process is consumer or business-facing, when documents are needed, signers are changed (or added), or you simply want to confirm a detail, message your borrower directly through the secure portal.

Automation & Flexibility

Little integration time means more time for flexing strategies and updating workflow as the needs of your business and industry dictate. This enterprise loan origination platform is built to maintain or adapt at the drop of the time.

Security & Continuity

Security and continuity are important to lenders of any size. Enterprise-level banks and lenders may have these at the top of priority list. The FNI Blueprint lending platform is certifiably secure, to keep things moving forward. Complex or specific security or compliance concerns? We can handle that. Let’s talk.

Flexible Decisioning Processes

At the fingertips of your trusted lending team is the entire FNI lending toolkit for running champion challenger and other workflow tests, implementing them in seconds, and with protocols in place to ensure continuity.

Guided, Inclusive Implementation

Utilize a dedicated account management and lending-tech team to run through our time-testing implementation process—and keep things going after launch day. Our lending partners have a dedicated account team for challenges and updates, simple and complex.

Produce Results,
Not Challenges


It is no secret that implementing a large-scale change for a lending organization of your size can be a challenging, sometimes frightening process. Our experience working with some of the world’s largest financial institutions has led to a process that understands and addresses challenging up-front, for a smooth launch transition on the backend.

Not seeing a specific integration you’re looking for? We’re API experts.

The lending tech team at FNI has experience integrating with third-party and proprietary data sources.

Faceless Tech, or Faces Behind the Tech for Enterprise Loan Origination

In an industry leaning more toward automation as every second passes, the team that helps implement and support this tech becomes even more important. The driven team of lending technology experts at FNI truly has a passion for seeing organizations of all sizes grow, and for solving the challenges that come with every state of financial growth in finance.

Auto Loan Software Experts

Our Leadership Perspective

Flexibility, security, and important decisioning features are all there. What our larger financial institution partners benefit from is the team is driven by success and overcoming challenges that come the way of our lending partners.

Ray B.

Credit Implementation, FNI


Frequent Questions

Looking for More Loan Origination Software Answers?

Can this loan origination software platform integrate with my specific internal tools and data sources?

We’re quite sure of it. Integrating with enterprise-level data points is something that our implementation team has a ton of experience with. After all, if you can’t use the data and tools that work best for you, why adopt the platform at all? As long as we have an access point and/or can collaborate with your IT team, it can be a walk in the park to integrate with your internal customer data or other sources. And, since the platform is inherently integrated with dozens of industry leading data sources for employment verification, property valuation, and more, you may find that the combination of internal and external sources creates the most powerful lending tool for your organization.

How long does it take to onboard a new loan origination software platform?

Your platform is inherently yours, so while it is tough to generalize an implementation timeline, we strive to meet a 90-day launch plan. Factors that can fluctuate this timeline can include where you are in developing requirements, how many custom integrations may be involved, and—of course—what time frame works best for you and your team. Regardless of the timeline, our guided implementation process is surrounded by proper expectation setting so there are no surprises in your launch timeline and execution.

How much does my auto loan origination software platform cost?

There is an initial investment to implement the FNI Blueprint loan origination software package, though from there things tend to fluctuate so greatly among lenders that it is hard to give a response before we can hear requirements. We are not private about what your investment is paying for and always provide a formal implementation scope, so let’s talk about how implementation and volume-based pricing works for your specific platform.