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Be the Manager of Your Information and Target What is Important to Your Business 

Imagine a tool that gives you the freedom to take content management to the next level.  Understand how you can take the content you already have and use it as it suits your business needs without relying on anyone to make changes for you.  With Blueprint and DecisionCore, you can quickly adapt to promotions and special events.  You can fashion your own forms for everyday needs and for promotions, customizing the look and feel by determining the fields that appear on the form, selecting fonts, colors, and logos. 


Unleash the Power of Content Management

FNI Blueprint gives our clients the ability to use their content in a meaningful way. You can use your existing content to quickly and independently make forms and response pages that your customers will use throughout the application process. Each of these can be customized with your logo, color scheme, and required fields.


Make Changes within Your Timeframe

The world moves fast, and you need to be able to make changes quickly within your timeframe. Content management allows you to make changes when you need to, not when someone else has the time to do it for you.Since Blueprint is fully configurable, you are the manager of the content in your system.


Streamline Your Targets

Content management is all about putting your products in front of customers in the most natural way possible. With FNI Blueprint, you can define content to target the things that interest the customers and serve it up at the right time, like when they are on your website at the Apply Now page.

Put Your Content to Work

Use the Information You Already Have to Remain Agile in a Fast Changing World

Create Forms

Content management allows you to take your content and use it for forms, e-mails, response pages, and messages that are customized to your business.

Be Independent

Have complete independence to make changes to your system when you want them to be made. You are the content owner and you completely drive the process.

Adjust to Changes

Use the content that you already have to adjust to changes in your business. Logos, color schemes, and required fields on short and long application forms are easily added and updated.

Take the Next Step

Serve your customers the content that helps them take the next step in their credit journey. Use inputs from the application process to to provide the next page they will consume.

Loan Origination Software Experts

Our Leadership Perspective

Content management is about taking what we know about the customer and using that information to put the right products in front of them.

Devin A.

Vice President; Sales, FNI


Frequent Questions

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What happens if my company updates our logo?

Because Blueprint offers a product that is completely configurable by the user, any changes to your company logo, color scheme, required information, and more can be immediately implemented and put into use. These changes are accomplished quickly and easily by you through the Blueprint Admin module. You can even use different logos for different dealers in your system!

What happens if we change our workflow for loan approval?

FNI Blueprint and DecisionCore are equipped to easily accommodate any changes to your workflow, no matter what that may entail. Using the interface provided by these products, you can use your content to enter changes when they need to happen with complete confidence. You can choose to include or exclude information very easily as your needs change.

Can we use information gathered from the application process?

Yes. The content you gather from the application process feeds the DecisionCore engine to determine the next page that should be presented to the customer. You can also use the content you gather at application time to cross-sell other products the applicant may find interesting based on what they’ve told us through the process.