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Perform Daily Tasks Using Varying Levels of Automation

Automation in the loan decision process is something that can save a lot of time and money. Some lenders like to automate all aspects of loan decisioning, keeping human interactions to an absolute minimum. However, others prefer to keep some processes out of automation. This is why FNI Blueprint and DecisionCore offer varying automation at all levels of the loan decisioning process. This is a very powerful and efficient way to work. It keeps productivity levels up and costs for man-hours down. Rote tasks can be automatically completed, leaving analysts’ more time to take care of issues that may require more investigation.


Operate at Your Own Level

There will be times when analysts need to study one-off situations. Varying levels of automation allow you to have as much - or as little - human intervention in your processes as you need. Your company can automate rote processes and give analysts the time that they need to investigate trickier applications.


Increase Application Volume

Traditionally, the loan decision process without automation could take up to 30 days! With varying levels of automation, you can increase the number of applications processed in that same time frame monumentally. Let FNI Blueprint speed the decision process and increase the number of applications to get to a final decision within minutes.


Let FNI DecisionCore Find It

Use DecisionCore to automatically identify those processes that you prefer to handle manually. This way, your application is served up to you in a view that you would like to see. There is no need to manually sort through applications that need more attention. DecisionCore finds them and presents them to you automatically.

Use Varying Automation to Accomplish Your Lending Goals

Define Your Automation

Save Time

Save time by designating which parts of the loan process can be automated, freeing up your employees to focus on tasks that need intervention.

Find the Middle Ground

Not all processes should be handled automatically. Further investigation is sometimes needed to reach a decision. Define those processes that need a second look.

Automate Sensibly

Use DecisionCore to define automated processes where it makes sense. Be more productive and process more applications in a designated time frame by using automation sensibly.

Define Routing

You can organize applications into separate queues and easily identify those that need manual review from the ones that can be automatically processed.

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Our Leadership Perspective

Taking the customer on a personal journey and making that journey scalable across hundreds of thousands of interactions is a very powerful way to take advantage of automation.

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Frequent Questions

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What if my company would like to look at the majority of applications that come in?

Using DecisionCore strategies, your company is completely free to automate as much or as little of your loan decisioning process as you want. If you would like to see most applications that come through, simply set up DecisionCore to make this happen. You can change automation levels at any time, so proceed knowing that you can be flexible over time.

My company’s goal is to automate everything. Is this possible?

Using DecisionCore, you can automate as much or as little of your loan decisioning process as you want. If your goal is to automate all workflows, you can certainly make this happen. However, if at any time you want to bring manual reviews back into your process, you can make that change quickly and easily.

What are the advantages to automating as much as possible?

Allowing DecisionCore to automate as many processes as possible saves time and money. Keeping human interaction to a minimum allows processes to move consistently and efficiently to a quick decision. However, it is in some clients’ best interest to have some manual processes. This is something clients decide for themselves.