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Performing Instant Credit Decisions within a Capable Loan Origination Software Platform

The magic of the LOS world is to be as responsive to customers as possible, to engage them immediately and have a complete conversation. We can help you determine who your customers are and give them a very personal and real-time experience. With FNI, you can engage the applicant from the very beginning and take them from curious to signed in a single step with Instant Decisioning.

Let our products do the behind-the-scenes work of analyzing data, calling third party services, completing bureau pulls, and using fraud services to provide you and your customers with instant decisions on applications. You can feel confident that FNI tools use data that’s important to your business when making this important decision.


Complete Work on Your Timeline

The smooth and easy-to-use interfaces of Blueprint and DecisionCore are fully configurable. This allows you to define and implement your decision requirements on your timeline, not ours. If you need to make a change in your decision process, you can implement that change immediately instead of being tied to someone else’s schedule.


Eliminate Time Spent on Contacting Outside Resources

Instant Decisioning is the most important part of the online customer conversation. Blueprint uses DecisionCore to contact third parties that commonly assist in decision making. Tasks that were once considered time consuming, like obtaining credit reports and verifying fraud hits, can be accomplished quickly and automatically to speed the decisioning process along.


Engage and Sign Customers Quickly

When a customer enters your application process, they are engaged at that point in time. If they leave, you may never get them back. With Instant Decisioning, you can give the customer what they need in that moment and make sure that an engaged customer stays that way all the way through the process.

Harness the Power of Instant Decisioning and Optimize Your Lending Workflow

Instant Decisioning, Powered by DecisionCore, Makes Loan Processing a Snap

Don’t Slow Down!

Increase productivity and the number of applications that flow through your website with the power of Instant Decisioning and keep you moving through the important tasks of your day.

Get Customers Started Quickly

Instant Decisioning helps you get to the business of working with your new customers quickly. Serve up the fast experience they expect with immediate turnaround times.

Gain the Edge over your Competitors

Increase the number of applications you can process within a day and beat your competitors to the punch with the lightning-speed of Instant Decisioning.

Run Your Business Smoothly

Take advantage of smooth and hassle-free workflows with Instant Decisioning. Let FNI Blueprint take the work out of performing third party interactions to get to a final decision quickly.

Loan Origination Software Experts

Our Leadership Perspective

Being able to render an instant decision means that you’re more likely to capture a customer rather than than if you have to reconvene at a later date.

Devin A.

Vice President; Sales, FNI


Frequent Questions

Looking for More Loan Origination Software Answers?

How can I be sure that the correct information is considered in an Instant Decision?

Thanks to the DecisionCore engine that powers FNI Blueprint software, you can be confident that the correct information is used in every instant decision. You determine the information that will be included in an instant decision, then set up appropriate fields, calculations, and rules in DecisionCore. And if your process changes, you can update DecisionCore to use the new information at any time.

Will there be times when I need to manually verify an Instant Decision?

The need to manually verify an Instant Decision completely lies with you. While some clients like to fully automate their processes, others may have situations that require an underwriter or manager to review and sign-off on an Instant Decision. However, this is completely configurable and up to your company as required by your company’s business needs.

When do I receive the Instant Decision results?

Instant Decisions are processed and sent back to you immediately. The complexities involved in making a decision are handled within seconds, thanks to the powerful DecisionCore engine. You will not need to wait for third party responses. To make sure you are receiving decisions as fast as possible, it’s a good idea to make sure your computers and networks are running at optimal speeds.