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FNI Blueprint™ LOS Capabilities

Energize your Renewable Energy Lending Team with Our Most Flexible Loan Origination Platform

Credit Decisions on the Spot

In many cases, solar installation teams are running credit applications with the property owner right on the spot. With capability for decisioning within seconds, there is no delay, resulting in a seamless experience on all sides.

Single Stop for All Integrations

With native integration with CoreLogic and other application process verification tools, know that every aspect of the lending workflow is covered; property data, identity verification, and more.

Guided Implementation and Support

While your new loan origination software platform will be a user-friendly tool with flexibility that doesn’t require technical intervention, our team of lending tech experts consults beyond to launch day and further for guidance on strategy, integrations, workflow and more.

Varying Decision Automation

Say yes instantly, and as much as you’d like. With the ability to flex scorecards in moments, managing your mixed (automated credit decisions and manual credit decisions) process has never been more simple. Swap strategies as often as you change your socks, or maintain a consistent approach for years into the future.

Easy Content Management

Merge messaging and lending with the ability to adjust all content within your application workflow with a few clicks. Marketing and loan origination should work together, and here, messaging adjustments are readily accessible.

Testing, Safely and Swiftly

Perform champion challenger and other testing strategies in a secure environment with real-world data. When you’ve found a winner, implement a new strategy with failsafes and peace of mind in place.

Guided LOS Platform Implementation

With experience in emerging industries, the FNI lending technology team brings to the table, decades of insight, guidance, and support—along with a passion for propping up lenders and their businesses.

Security, Compliance, and Audit Management

Whether you have experience and processes in place, or starting from scratch, your lending tech partners at FNI become an extension of your team. Our robust infrastructure holds industry-leading security certifications.

Provide a Bright
Customer and Lending


The FNI Blueprint solar loan origination software product is as dynamic as the industry itself. Understanding that solar loans are viewed as a sizable decision made at a variety of locations, FNI Solar Blueprint revolves around the concepts of speed, mobility, and flexibility. Providing an easy to use platform for both the consumer and the lender is at the center of our platform priorities.

Not seeing a specific integration you’re looking for? We’re API experts.

The lending tech team at FNI has experience integrating with third-party and proprietary data sources.

Your Solar and Renewables Lending Partner

Our dedicated project team is a true partner for our solar lending customers. Continuing conversations and making continuous product improvements are the key to evolving along with this very dynamic industry. We know the intricacies of solar lending and have the ability to act as a continuous resource, consultant, and advocate for our current and future software customers. Constant communication, and relationship management is at our core.

Solar Loan Software Experts

Our Leadership Perspective

The lending technology behind the Blueprint LOS platform is why many lenders approach us, but the team behind the platform, and their drive to see success in all aspects for our clients is why lenders become decades-long partners.

Melanie W.

Program Management, FNI


Frequent Questions

Looking for More Loan Origination Software Answers?

What makes this platform specifically valuable for solar and renewable lenders?

Along with the experience and understanding that our guided implementation team has within the renewables industry, there are a variety of pre-integrated data sources built directly into the FNI Solar Blueprint LOS. For example, your lending team can benefit from property valuation, solar efficacy, and other specific points all in one place. Our team of lending technology experts also integrates internal tools on a regular basis. Do you have an internal data source or other third-party tool to integrate? With an access point, API, or direct IT collaboration, any secure data set can be implemented.

How long does it take to onboard a new loan origination software platform?

We strive for 90 day implementation times. Your specific requirements and availability can shorten or lengthen that. Let’s talk about how to build out the best guided implementation and launch plan for you and your organization.

How much does my loan origination software platform cost?

While initial upfront investments do exist, the cost of your loan origination software platform is absolutely based on number of originations. This way, you are directly spending based on the value that the platform is providing. During a busy install time of year? More applications means more investment and more return. During a less busy install season? Your platform costs adapt to fit with originations and revenue. Let’s talk about building out the cost structure to fit the needs and future growth of your lending business.