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What is the Credit Workbench and How can it Take your Loan Decisioning to the Next Level?

When an automated decision isn’t possible, it’s time to leverage the human touch. How do you make your underwriters the best in the business? By providing them the information they need at their fingertips.

The FNI Credit Workbench provides a customized underwriter’s experience for each of your team members with their important and specific workflows built in. Need to send an email, log a call, or review documentation? It’s all there at their fingertips. As a manager, look across the business to see how you are performing. Consider the FNI Credit Workbench as your autonomous vehicle cockpit: anticipating next steps and making good (credit) decisions, allowing you and your team to focus on the future.


Relevant Information at the Ready

Configure custom views within the credit workbench for optimization surrounding your business segmentation—empowering key team members to focus on what matters to the task at hand. Manage a central lending strategy while allowing individuals to inform their own process while keeping compliance in mind.


User Friendly Interface

The credit workbench interface feels natural. After refining the platform's user experience over years, the workbench achieves an ideal balance between out of the box functionality and workflow-specific customization. Add and delete data elements, create custom calculations, automate steps. It's your own look and feel created with ease.


When Human Intervention is Needed

The credit workbench is your tool for managing manual decisions, and it does just that, beautifully. Make it easier to say "yes" more often with direct access to the borrower or new information when more of the story is needed.

Optimize Your Decisioning Process with the Credit Workbench

How Does the Credit Workbench Work for You?

Configurable Design

Configure the credit workbench and make it your own. The workbench is customizable at an organizational level—for each each specific loan type, and for each team member, ensuring a seamless decisioning experience for underwriters and borrowers

Audit Trail with Enhanced Communication

Easily maintain an open line of communication with your borrowers through SMS texts and email. As next steps are taken, each interaction is documented ensuring compliance and visibility across the teams.

Pair with Automation

The FNI credit workbench is the ideal tool when your rules dictate a deviation from an automated decisioning process. When more of the story needs to be told, documents reviewed, and conversations had, rely on the workbench to be a seamless transition to the “yes.”

Monitor Decisions and Productivity

Robust and straightforward dashboard-style reporting within the credit workbench provides managers and executives with a clear picture of loan product performance, as well as real-time team performance.

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Our Leadership Perspective

Any time there is a need or desire to look at an app, Workbench provides all of the data to the user.

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Frequent Questions

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Can I change the information visible to users on the Credit Workbench?

The FNI BluePrint Credit Workbench is completely configurable. You will decide what appears on the Workbench. Using DecisionCore and the Blueprint Admin module, you can change and update the information that appears on the Credit Workbench to be consistent with your business’ offerings and user roles. And because you will be making these changes, you will decide when they happen.

How do I access applications in Credit Workbench?

The FNI Blueprint Credit Workbench contains work queues to which all applications are routed. Some queues come with Workbench right out of the box, but you have the ability to create as many queues as you need to conduct business. Users can access applications in order from oldest to newest, or they can use the Search feature to locate a specific application.