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FNI Blueprint™ LOS Capabilities

Instant Credit Decisioning

Harness the power of the FNI DecisionCore™ decision engine for industry-leading speed in credit decisioning and an intuitive lender environment for testing and launch of decisioning workflows.

Single Stop for All Integrations

The FNI Auto Blueprint™ loan origination software platform is inherently integrated with auto-specific tools such as Dealertrack, RouteOne, and Kelly Blue Book. Let’s talk about integrating with your specific requirements.

Intuitive Dealer Portal

Managing every aspect of the loan origination cycle is easier than ever before. Configure key stats, view loan information, contact borrowers and dealers all from a single location.

Direct Borrower Messaging

Lending workflows vary, and so do the requirements. Get in touch with borrowers directly through the FNI Auto Blueprint™ platform and have them submit updated information such as drivers license, pay stubs, and more.

Respond First with Speed

Integrated tools allow you to be first on the list for your ideal borrower. The decisioning speed and accessible workflow of the FNI Blueprint platform allow your decisions to be at the top of the list when competing with lenders for loan revenue.

Security & Continuity

Whether you have a long list of security or compliance requirements, or looking for a partner to consult through the process, we have just about seen it all. Let our team of certified security experts handle checking these boxes.

Flexible Decisioning Processes

Set it and forget it, or tweak and enhance; your decisioning process should be exactly that: yours. Testing and launching new scorecards and workflows is just as accessible as brewing a morning coffee.

Guided, Inclusive Implementation

The FNI team of committed lending-tech experts walks you through a robust and easy to manage onboarding process. But, after launch day, it isn’t “goodbye.” Experience the value of dedicated account management and people that want to see you grow and succeed.

Drive Forward with Flexible Auto Loan Origination Software

Configurability, meet customization. FNI Auto Blueprint provides a library of easy-to-use and configurable modules, allowing auto lenders to create a dashboard, workflow, and decisioning process that fits, and more importantly, grows along with their business. Returning a fast decision to applicants is critically important, particularly in auto lending. Backed by a variety of industry experiences and years of tuning-up, FNI DecisionCore™ provides industry-leading speed and accuracy in the critical decisioning moments.

Not seeing a specific integration you’re looking for? We’re API experts.

The lending tech team at FNI has experience integrating with third-party and proprietary data sources.

The Ideal Balance Between Technology and Service

FNI Auto Blueprint lenders benefit from an entire dedicated account management team at their disposal. Our customer relationships and commitment doesn’t end once the keys to our platform have been handed over. Keeping customers on track and our relationships in alignment is the primary focus of your FNI project team. We take pride in the self-sufficiency that our customers have in making ongoing configurations, but we are also committed to being available for updates, enhancements, and conversations whenever things need to switch gear.

Auto Loan Software Experts

Our Leadership Perspective

Our experience in the auto industry as a whole puts us in a position to provide insight and share experience with our clients.

Melanie W.

Program Management, FNI


Frequent Questions

Looking for More Loan Origination Software Answers?

Can FNI Auto Blueprint LOS integrate with my specific or third party platforms?

Almost definitely. As long as we can gain an access point (API or direct collaboration) to a platform or data source, we are able to integrate with internal tools and data sources on the market. Our loan origination software platform is also pre-loaded with leading credit bureaus and industry leading tools for identity verification, borrower messaging, vehicle valuation and more. View the full list here.

How long does it take to onboard a new loan origination software platform?

While specific requirements and where you are in the process does affect an implementation timeline, our guided implementation process is earmarked for a 60-90 day timeline. We work with all lenders at every step of the way to ensure that expectations are properly set and ample support is available after launch day.

How much does my auto loan origination software platform cost?

While there is a basic upfront investment for your new loan origination software platform, costs generally vary based on a few factors. Many lenders find that the initial and lifetime investment of the FNI Blueprint platform is extremely competitive and approachable for organizations of many sizes. Volume-based pricing allows us to focus on implementing the platform that works best for your growth and budget. Let’s talk about building a plan for you.