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Great American Finance Company (GAFCO) is a flexible financing provider for a network of retail partners across the United States. Prior to working with Financial Network, Inc. (FNI), they were operating on a home-grown lending platform that required continuous development forcing large IT investment.

FNI was selected as the partner to achieve GAFCO’s goals: to increase system performance, reduce costs, and to focus internal resources on core competencies rather than software development. Their lending team asked FNI to build a scalable lending platform with an emphasis on borrower experience able to support the predicted significant growth from GAFCO’s significant existing major retail partners.

Through the powerful backbone of the FNI Blueprint™ LOS, paired with platform flexibility and customization, GAFCO is able to implement their ever-evolving lending software ecosystem across multiple customers and has even strategically expanded beyond furniture point-of-sale to other markets, with the capability of additional expansion when opportunity arises.


“FNI has exposed their API functionality enabling us to connect with new data sources as they emerge, configuring credit models ourselves to take advantage of new data which creates the ability for incredible flexibility across our products and geographies.”

Tom A., CEO

Great American Finance Company


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While we keep an eye on what’s coming next, and continue to stay educated and prepared to push the fintech industry forward, the loan origination software experts at FNI will keep providing insights and, of course, providing hands-on and high-level service to our loan origination platform partners. If you’re ready for direct access to decision strategy management and more, talk to a loan origination expert.

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