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Becoming the “favorite” in a contractor’s channel of lenders is a primary goal of many indirect lending organizations. If you are new to solar or other green lending products, establishing a best customer and contractor experience combined with good rates and integrated project plans is a great first step. So, without one-to-one interactions, how do we encourage high service & this type of loyalty? Through the use of high quality and efficient digital experiences. And ensuring the contractor has the information they need in order to provide a high-end customer experience is a great start. 

A full-service solar or eco-lending experience is the path to saving dealers time, money, and headaches throughout their process. Orchestrating a solar contractor’s entire sales process into your lending platform can enable engagement with their project automation tool. A great example is integrating with Sighten where thousands of contractors manage their projects. Pairing an industry leading LOS platform like FNI Blueprint™with a solar industry best-practice software platform reduces time and complexity, and even “clicks.” This can lead to the best-in-class experience lenders and contractors (and even borrowers) are looking for.


Zero-Click to Finance with the Right Integrations

Breaking down barriers in the sales process for solar dealers with the right integrations can mean higher adoption rates and make your organization the “favorite” lender among solar dealers. FNI’s Solar Blueprint loan orchestration software enables end-to-end automation centered on the workflows of a solar contractor and their customer. Working with an end-to-end platform like Blueprint, lenders empower contractors with the potential to provide a “zero-click” financing experience for their solar borrowers.

Including all aspects of the solar installation process within the origination workflow makes for simple and sometimes single-day, lead-to-customer, experiences for contractors. Working with vetted integrations, focused on solar specifically, is how this happens. Tools such as Sighten and Corelogic empower the sales process workflow, providing access to home value details, survey information, rendering tools, and more.


Streamlining Solar Lending for High-Quality Dealer Experience

While focusing on the borrower’s experience in application workflow, service-levels, and speed is a great start for any lending platform, the barrier, or the great enabler in solar or eco-lending, is understanding the needs of the contractor or installer. Putting the same level of care into the dealer experience can facilitate engagement and be the starter for long-term and beneficial relationships.

With the right loan technology partner, two simple and dealer-focused process upgrades are:

  1. Enable a disbursement process that makes it easier for the dealer to get paid, and in less time.
  2. Enable self-attestation, allowing dealers to sign up for your lending service and process without the need for one-to-one intervention.

Streamlining solar lending is about building bridges between lenders, dealers, and borrowers. An empathic lending approach helps to facilitate and design a process that is beneficial to all parties involved, and therefore more attractive to dealers and borrowers, alike.


Automation, Meet White Glove Service

With the right tools at your disposal in a high powered loan origination software platform with FNI’s Solar Blueprint™ even the most automated sales and origination processes will have a white-glove feel. Taking out the manual work and enabling an efficient contracting and installation workflow can leave time for dealers to provide high service levels in other aspects of the solar onboarding process. 

The primary goal of automation in lending can be to mitigate one-to-one interactions, but in a competitive environment, designing a unique approach or experience in non-automated aspects can be the difference between gaining or losing a solar customer and borrower.



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