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We start a lot of product development and insight sessions here with the same two words: “What If…” These simple two words capture our drive to develop the unknown and to create tools that make the lives of our lending partners better every day. In following this mantra, we capture a lot of ideas worth noodling on. So, what if we shared those ideas with you as we apply them to our approach to lending automation? Stay tuned as we expand on these thoughts to develop researched and insightful lending software white papers. Consider the following as an introduction into where we’re going.

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Capitalizing on Existing Systems to Build a Better L.O.S. Platform

Optimizing Lending Strategy Does Not Have to Mean Overhauling Your Lending Infrastructure

Something tells me that you’ve either undergone a loan origination software launch before, or you’re considering adopting a new platform for your organization. If you fall into the latter category, maybe you’re afraid of ever even thinking about touching your platform again, and if you fall into the former category, maybe you’re a bit nervous that your career success could hinge on the success of this project and platform.

Loan origination optimization should communicate-with and utilize existing best practices and introduce options. How do we make this simple? Lending software partners are evolving just as lenders are, and we believe that the future of lending technology doesn’t have to mean a full system overhaul. We’re exploring Loan Orchestration: more important than a shiny new platform is optimizing systems and processes to work together with some additional technology to really make it shine. We’ll go into more detail on this in the coming months.


Lending Platforms that Become Smarter with Each Loan

The Future of Lending Software May Mean More Trust in Artificial Intelligence

We’re already utilizing finely tuned artificial intelligence to design smarter, automated credit decisioning—a key component of modern lending. What if lending software used artificial intelligence to not only enhance decisioning but also marketing and the loan products, themselves? What we’ve learned from decision (and other lending process) automation, can be extended to every touchpoint in your lending ecosystem. With any new or new-use-of technology, we look at the security implications as well as the customer experience implications. Lenders and borrowers are ready for a fully automated decisioning process, but are we ready to automate every part of the workflow? From marketing lending products, all the way through to loan servicing, we’re diving deep into the use of AI in lending software. Follow along as we share research and insights.


Combining Personality with Technology in Banking

Lending Software is Smarter than Ever, but What do We Miss When We Begin Removing a Personal Touch


Just as we explore the idea of automation, there is no denying the power of humanity and relationships in lending, especially when it comes to community banks and credit unions. Lenders should consider relationships an advantage, so how do we marry this with technology?

Is Brick and mortar an advantage in the age of digital everything?  We think so.   When personal relationships become an integral part of the new customer experience?  Can we reduce the robotic experience, creating the perfect combination of efficiency and relationship? Let’s discover how to take the bear out of brick and mortar and turn it into the benefit it should be… a personal touch.

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While we keep an eye on what’s coming next, and continue to stay educated and prepared to push the fintech industry forward, the loan origination software experts at FNI will keep providing insights and, of course, providing hands-on and high-level service to our loan origination platform partners. If you’re ready for direct access to decision strategy management and more, talk to a loan origination expert.

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