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Allow an auto borrower to see more of the world in their new car, or help a local bakery create a more sustainable world through the use of solar panels. Our purpose is to help lenders build stronger businesses and provide essential opportunities to borrowers every single day.

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Loan Origination Flexibility


Hosted Application Capture

Hosted web-application capture in the platform consists of customized application pages that are assembled to enable powerful application flows. Your custom branding at each stage provides a consistent experience for customers and applicants.


Dynamic Credit Decisioning

The FNI Strategy Engine is a robust credit decision and application routing tool which can quickly render complex credit decisions. It can also route judgmental applications into lender-determined work queues so you can maintain confidence in every decision.


Intuitive Credit Workbench

Application review can include many actions necessary for an active lending environment. Your credit workbench allows views and actions that are driven by role, product and status. View the application details that matter most to you.


Secure Bureau Integrations

In order to support the credit application evaluation process our FNI Strategy Engine has existing interfaces built-in with a wide variety of strategically curated third-party services in addition to the three standard credit bureaus.

From Our Partners

FNI Blueprint™ Success Story

Working with Financial Network Inc. has enabled our organization to stay ahead of the competition in a fast-paced, rapidly changing marketplace for over twenty years. Their creativity when faced with complex challenges and their expeditious approach to meeting project deadlines makes them an outstanding partner.

Heather, Risk Manager

Tidewater Financial