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A high-level overview to adopting a contactless lending platform and strategy. For a deeper understanding, talk to a lending technology expert today.

First Things First, Mobile First

How do we connect lenders and consumers without an in-person connection?

The push for contactless loan origination has been at the forefront of every conversation since the launch of the modern smartphone. Lenders that have invested in a mobile first experience find themselves in a position of business continuity in the world of everything-from-a-distance. In a year—2020—where mobile commerce revenue numbers will far exceed $200 billion(1), loan origination platforms that are set up with a seamless mobile user experience thrive.


Decision Autonomy and Automation

When we’re not in the same physical space as a borrower, how do we provide instantaneous credit decisions?

Having a flexible decisioning strategy in place is a first step toward automation in credit decisioning. This allows for a smart decisioning platform to provide a greater percentage of auto-decisioned applications, which can mean higher borrower engagement and fewer hours spent manually analyzing and decisioning applications. Learning that eCommerce cart abandon rates average at around 70%(2) tells us that there is no time to waste in providing a credit decision when a consumer is waiting on the other end. Automated credit decisions also make for a more efficient workflow.


It’s Never too Late to Innovate

If we’re feeling left behind in the economy of contactless and from-a-distant transactions, how do we move forward?

Adopting a new process, automating systems, and implementing a business-evolving software platform can seem like a daunting undertaking. For the software side of lending, working with an experienced partner that understands what it takes to prop up a new platform, analyze change management, and seamlessly transition an organization is key. The first step to moving forward is to depend on an empathic, and technically driven organization with the tools in place to help build business.


Financial Network, Inc. has been building flexible loan origination technology for America’s financial institutions for over 30 years. Insight and experience leads to the launch of a loan origination and decisioning platform focused on lender growth and autonomy. The mobile-first FNI Blueprint™ LOS, paired with the FNI DecisionCore™ decisioning platform makes up the lender’s ultimate toolkit for contactless loan origination, decision testing, and strategy implementation. If you’re interested in learning how contactless lending can help level-up your workflow, talk to a lending technology expert today.

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