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If I buy a new smartphone off the shelf that can open my garage door (awesome), but only my garage door (still awesome), then what does it do for the next human that comes to make a purchase?

Sure, it could still make phone calls, send and receive texts, but what about that garage door? Well, “there’s an app for that.”

Tech companies don’t create a smartphone that can only open one person’s garage door, in hopes of selling it to millions of others. They create a smartphone that allows everyone to open the garage door of their choice—with some configuration, a bit of set up, and of course a garage door, itself, that is compatible with the exciting technology that makes them open like doors on the Starship Enterprise. Large and small business-level software is very similar in many ways. However, with specific markets, such as loan origination, true “off-the-shelf” capability can actually be possible.


Maximum Warp Speed

Defining Off the Shelf in Consumer Loan Origination

Setting up and onboarding loan origination software can be a simple and streamlined process without additional configurations, production time, and costs. For lenders with simple application processes, or new lenders that aren’t quite sure what additional configurations might be helpful in growing their business, a straightforward “off the shelf” loan origination software platform is definitely the way to go. And if this sounds like you, feel free to forget the rest of this article and talk to David about onboarding a new LOS platform with industry-leading quickness. For lenders with more complex processes and requirements, let’s talk more about how realizing the perfect fit might actually be just as attainable.


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Configurability and Customization

In most cases, a consumer loan origination software product that falls directly out of the box doesn’t do exactly what your organization needs. The good news is, with some configurability, (or in some cases, full customization) the set up and onboarding process is painless. FNI clients experience little to no additional production time making configurations to their LOS platform. In many instances, necessary configurations can be done on their end, without the need for any development at all. This simple configuration process is thanks to many years of building add-ons as “custom” and compiling a library of common requests. 


Configurability makes it easier for consumer loan origination software customers to take an out of the box platform and make it theirs without the costs or lead time of a custom build. This includes bureau integrations, decision strategy logic, dealer portals, and messaging services, among many other things. If you’re interested in learning what configurations might be available for your platform, let’s talk. While many lenders don’t require fully custom loan origination software these days, it definitely does happen. This type of build is typically requested by large organizations that have their own list of requirements and some proprietary decisions structure in place.


The team at FNI designs, builds, and services custom loan origination platforms, in addition to out of the box and configurable consumer lending portals. If you’re a lender, it’s likely that we have some insight that may help get you started with a speedy and efficient LOS platform.

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