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What is the biggest challenge facing your business today? We convene our group of lending and technology experts on the daily to build solutions for the nation’s top lenders. Have some extra budget to allocate? Looking to increase volume without increasing risk? Just not sure where to start, in general? Give us your toughest brain buster and our group of human experts will ideate and respond within a day—or sooner! Let us know in the form below. No catch. No Cost. Just problem solving to keep us sharp, and to keep you on the right path.


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Challenges from the Nation's Leading Lenders

If I have a little extra in the budget, what should I do with it to get the most bang for my buck?  

Try turbo-charging your existing process with marketing automation using a simple decision engine.  Take a few scenarios, and then allow the decision engine to put custom offers in front of your customers at the right time based on their behavior and worthyness.  Batch marketing is great, but 1-1 custom marketing using existing systems is next generation capabilities and outperforms generic marketing by 20x.

How do I harvest the next 50 points down a FICO score without increasing risk? 

The holy grail of lending - can it be as easy as leveraging some additional "knowledge" of the applicant? Consuming some additional data in real-time to inform the lending decison has never been easier and knowing when and how to use it might be as simple as running some retrograde tests with the push of a button. Either way, the LOS should sit in the middle of this process and orchestrate it making it easy to test and adjust. If your LOS is hard to use - let's talk about making lending easy.

What’s the first phone call I should make if I’m looking to start a lending business?

Other than to a shrink? (we kid.) Start with the LOS. The Loan Origination Platform is your orchestration layer for everything lending. The LOS representative will know people at the bureaus, which vendors are hot or not - the simplest or easiest way to solve everything lending. By starting with the LOS you get a complete picture of the entire process, and then, its likely they can make your other introductions for you.

We're living in a completely different lending world and we have a lending partner in FNI that allows us to adapt to every new technology as it comes.

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